WaveIntegrity™ is a comprehensive software suite that integrates seamlessly into any customer flow to tackle SLN during digital, analog or RF IP authoring and full system integration, from RTL to tape out.

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If you supply integrated circuits that must meet standards, then you need WaveIntegrity™!

You need to address package specific problems (cost for example)? Then you need WaveIntegrity™!

Your customers use cost constrain PCBs ? Then you need WaveIntegrity™!

For SoC integrators and package designers

Whatever the level of maturity of their design, whether they are in the planning stage, want to do a final check before tape-out or if need to solve a problem on silicon, WaveAnalyst™ is the tool to reduce to a minimum noise issues at system level.

  • Floorplanning

    With the blackboxing capabilities provided by the NoisePrototyper™ option, the combination of the WaveModeler™ and WaveAnalyst™ tools allows you to analyze early-on injection, spread and impact of noise from a brief description of a SoC. This description shall include at least the positioning of main blocks, the placement of power supply IOs and power supply connection information. Combined with a package model, this description is sufficient for WaveAnalyst™ to provide an estimate of noise throughout the entire system — from PCB level down to individual SoC IPs. Before starting the final integration of your system, you have the opportunity to evaluate and make the best choices regarding the distribution / sharing of power supplies, blocks placement, the use of protection structures, the placement of ESD protection (as well as the package implementation).

  • Failure Analysis

    It happens unfortunately that once integrated on silicon, a system fails to meet its specifications due to the propagation of noise in the system. The toolset WaveIntegrity™ is the ultimate answer to locate the cause of the problem and to identify the most expeditious and least expensive solution.


CWS is member of Si2, Cadence Design Systems' Connections Program and Mentor Graphics' OpenDoor program.

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This allows WaveIntegrity™ to run natively with OpenAccess databases, as well as to interface seamlessly with software solutions from Cadence and Mentor.