WaveIntegrity™ is a comprehensive software suite that integrates seamlessly into any customer flow to tackle SLN during digital, analog or RF IP authoring and full system integration, from RTL to tape out.

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If you supply integrated circuits that must meet standards, then you need WaveIntegrity™!

You need to address package specific problems (cost for example)? Then you need WaveIntegrity™!

Your customers use cost constrain PCBs ? Then you need WaveIntegrity™!

For digital IP designers

  • Assess the level of pollution that their IP injects into the complete system.

    With the help of our toolset WaveIntegrity™ they can perform "what-if" analysis to reduce this pollution by tweaking parameters such as:
    • Power supply distribution strategy
    • Placement and sizing of decoupling capacitors
    • Choice of standard cell libraries

  • Provide their customer (system integrator, chip leader ...) with a macromodel that allows a simple analysis of the noise in the system.

    Thanks to its NoisePrototyper™ option, WaveIntegrity™ can provide a noise macromodel without the need for a detailed description (from an area estimate and a choice of core-libraries).


CWS is member of Si2, Cadence Design Systems' Connections Program and Mentor Graphics' OpenDoor program.

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This allows WaveIntegrity™ to run natively with OpenAccess databases, as well as to interface seamlessly with software solutions from Cadence and Mentor.