Company overview

S.A. Coupling Wave Solutions (CWS) is a privately held EDA (Electronic Design Automation) company dedicated to the semiconductor market, addressing signal integrity issues (IR drop, electromigration, digital signal delay, ...) occurring in complex integrated systems such as System on Chip (SoC) or System in Package (SiP).

CWS proposes a comprehensive and standalone solution dedicated to the successful integration of analogue and RF blocks in complex SoCs and SiPs. This is a real answer to the large amount of first silicon failures in the semiconductor market (61% of SoC, according to Dataquest reports).

Executive Team

The company was co-founded end 2004 by 2 experienced entrepreneurs:

Brieuc Turluche Brieuc TURLUCHE co-founded Coupling Wave Solutions in 2004 and serves as chief executive officer and chairman. He has extensive experience in senior management within the European electronics and EDA industry, having worked with Viewlogic, and with Ansoft. He has acted as lead investor and director of several high tech start-ups and has driven a number of significant mergers and acquisitions to successful conclusions. Brieuc joined Ansoft in 1997 and founded Ansoft Europe, where he was a major contributor to the rapid growth and success of the company, establishing the technology as standard. CWS is the first electronic design automation (EDA) provider to integrate applications to investigate and analyse those sensitive electrical functions affected by electronic "noise" produced by the normal operation of an entire system; digital, analog, and RF.
Francois Clement François J. R. CLEMENT was born in Fribourg, Switzerland, on June 20, 1965. He received the B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, in 1991 and 1995, respectively. In 1996, he was a visiting scholar with Profs. R. W. Dutton and B. A. Wooley at Stanford University. In 1997, he joined the founders of Snaketech where he developed the first commercial solution to model cross-talk through silicon substrate ("SubstrateStorm"). After Snaketech successive acquisition by Simplex Solutions and Cadence Design Systems, the tool was renamed by SubstrateStorm and is now part of Cadences software portfolio. In 2004, François co-founded Coupling Wave Solutions (CWS) where he serves as CTO to leverage the expertise acquired during his time at Simplex Solutions and Cadence Design Systems. His objective is to develop a comprehensive solution to address electrical signal integrity in complex integrated systems combining RF, analog and digital IPs on multi-million gate designs. François is author and co-author of several conference papers, journal articles, as well as US and European patents. He is a member of IEEE, ACM and Si2.
Paul Gibson Paul GIBSON - Board Member - brings over 25 of experience in the electronics industry to the Board of Coupling Wave Solutions. He has held senior positions in organizations both large and start-up, including Intel, Cadence, Viewlogic, Virage Logic, ES2, Synchronicity / MatrixOne and SpringSoft / Novas, during which he has established several products as effective industry standards in the electronic design community. Paul has Cert. Ed, a BA, and an MSc in Electronics from Southampton University.
Luc Burgun Luc BURGUN - Board Member - is a successful executive and entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the electronics industry. He is the CEO of Novasparks, the leader in FPGA-based high performance and ultra-low latency market data solutions for the financial industry. Prior to joining NovaSparks, Luc was VP Engineering at Synopsys. Before that, he was CEO and President of the board for EVE, the leader in standard FPGA-based emulator, which he co-founded in 2000 and sold to Synopsys in 2012. From 2007 to 2011, Luc was also President of the supervisory board of Cofluent, a leader in system level specification acquired by Intel in 2011. Prior to EVE, Luc was managing the emulation engineering team at Mentor Graphics. He has published numerous articles at international technical conferences and has been granted six patents. Luc Burgun holds a Ph.D degree in Computer Science from the University of Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris VI. Luc also leads a small private investment fund focusing on innovative hardware/software French companies.



CWS is part of GlobalFoundries RFwave Program !

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CWS speaker François Clement CTO got a fantastic traction with his talk at Shanghai FD-SOI Forum 2016 - September 9, 2016



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18 - 22 June 2017 Austin, TX


CWS will be at DAC on Mentor booth.

4 - 9 June 2017 Honolulu, Hawai

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CWS will be at DAC on Mentor booth.